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Twilio/ go to APJ; UnTechCon on Discord; Auto Dialer

  • Xuchen Yao
  • Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022

In this edition:

  1. [News] and Twilio Release SeaX to APJ
  2. [Conference] UnTechCon Transcribes Large Discord Audio Channels with SeaVoice
  3. [Product] SeaX Highlight – Auto Dialer and Twilio Release SeaX to APJ and Twilio have officially expanded our partnership to Asia Pacific and Japan, bringing SeaX to customers in the APJ region. The SeaX Quick Start Bundle enables us to launch an out of the box contact center in days, while still allowing for customization, to give customers the contact center they need when they need it.

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UnTechCon Transcribes Large Discord Audio Channels with SeaVoice

UnTechCon, a large unconference on Discord, recently put SeaVoice in action, using the SeaVoice Discord bot to transcribe all the audio in their large voice channels during the event. The SeaVoice Discord bot leverages the best of our cutting edge speech recognition and synthesis technologies to improve the Discord channel experience.

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The SeaVoice Discord bot transcribes UnTechCon.

The SeaVoice Discord bot transcribes UnTechCon.

Accelerate Your Contact Center with the SeaX Auto Dialer is proud to announce our new SeaX Auto Dialer! To help streamline and accelerate your agents’ calling, our two new Auto Dialers are packed with exciting features. The Message Drop Dialer automatically calls and delivers messages to your customers, even sending follow-up text messages when it can’t reach a person. The Progressive Dialer works alongside your agents, handling dialing the customer list and leaving voicemails, allowing your agents to focus on the customers who pick up. The SeaX Auto Dialer is natively integrated with SeaX, making it quick and easy to jump right in.

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