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What Does Really Do?

  • Amy C
  • Thursday, Nov 16, 2023

Hi there!

My name is Amy, and I am here to answer the not-so-obvious question: what does do?

Ever landed on’s homepage and thought, ‘Holy mackerel, why so many products?’ There’s SeaChat, SeaMeet, and SeaX – sounds like a marine-themed superhero team, right?

We’re a Conversational AI company, dealing in the currency of chatter. Conversations can be as casual as chatting about the weather, as transactional as a pirate bargaining for treasure, or as profound as pondering the meaning of life over a beer And in this fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and personal brand building, guess what’s more precious than gold? Yep, the chats and talks!

So, what’s in our treasure chest of products? Let’s dive in:

SeaMeet for Meetings

We spend ages in meetings, often wondering if we’re still on planet Earth. SeaMeet is your lifeline here. It transcribes, writes, and shares notes. Imagine trapping all those meeting ideas and decisions in a bottle and tossing it into your pocket. Never forget a thing again! That’s the magic of SeaMeet.

SeaChat for Chats

Customers pop up like dolphins, wanting to buy more or needing a hand. Missing a message? That’s a bigger ‘no-no’ than wearing socks with sandals. Imagine a customer service or sales rep, ready at your beck and call 24/7, like a genie but for chats. That’s the wizardry behind SeaChat.

SeaX for Texts and Calls

Want to reach new customers or keep the old ones? SMS and other instant messages are the way to go. Why? Because that’s how people stay in touch with their granny, and nobody ignores granny! Imagine owning a mini marketing agency or contact center, sending out messages faster than a mermaid’s flip. That’s the power of SeaX Messaging.


Which conversation category do you want to secure in your treasure trove? We might already have the perfect solution for you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to book a meeting with us!

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