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SeaX Voicemail; SeaVoice on Bias Breakers; New SeaX Messaging Notifications

    • Xuchen Yao
    • Friday, Jul 28, 2023

    In this edition:

    1. [Product] SeaX Introduces Voicemail Automations
    2. [Highlight] Partners with Bias Breakers Podcast
    3. [Product] New Notification Features in SeaX Messaging

    SeaX Introduces Voicemail Automations

    The SeaX Contact Center can now handle customer voicemails! When a customer is not able to get through to an agent, the SeaX Contact Center will record their voicemail and assign it as a task to the next available agent, ensuring that customers get the fastest possible callback and don’t have to wait in long hold lines. The platform can also automatically notify a supervisor when new voicemails come into the system. Partners with Bias Breakers Podcast recently partnered with Curious Anarchy to provide SeaVoice recording on the Bias Breakers Podcast! Check out information on the first episode release on LinkedIn!

    New Notification Features in SeaX Messaging

    We are excited to announce three new features in SeaX Messaging this month! You can now mark conversations as unread in the Conversations page, making it easier to come back to messages you need to answer.

    SeaX Messaging introduces 'mark as unread' for your bulk messaging conversations.

    When you have unread messages, you can also now see the number in the browser tab so that it is easier to keep track of them. Finally, we have added a notes field to contacts, so you can store any unstructured information you need about your customers.

    SeaX Messaging introduces freeform notes for your bulk messaging contacts.

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