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How to Create an Awesome Voice Agent Chatbot for Your Business with a 24x7 Phone Connection

  • Xuchen Yao
  • Sunday, Dec 24, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, let’s talk about how you can level up your customer service game. You know what’s cool? Building an AI voice agent chatbot for your biz and hooking it up to a 24x7 phone system! That combo is like a customer service superhero, saving you time and money, all while wowing your customers. So, let’s dive into this epic journey together!

Understanding the Basics of an AI Voice Agent

Alright, first things first, an AI voice bot chatbot is like your business’s secret conversational weapon. It’s a fancy computer program that can talk to people, just like humans do! The smart AI agent understands what customers want and gives them awesome responses. And when you connect it to a 24x7 phone system, you’ve got a customer service warrior available round the clock.

Enhance Customer Experience using SeaChat Voice AI Agent

Enhance Customer Experience using SeaChat Voice AI Agent

Step 1: Defining Your AI Agent’s Purpose and Personality

Okay, time to put on your creative hat. Before getting all techy, you need to decide why you’re bringing this chatbot to life and who it’s going to be. Think about the types of questions it should handle, whether it should be formal or casual, and how it fits with your biz’s vibe. This way, your agent becomes an extension of your brand, ready to kick customer service challenges out of the park.

Step 2: Choosing an AI Voice Bot Platform

Now, you need to find the right platform to create your AI voice agent chatbot. SeaChat by is a great, economic option for text and voice AI agent. However, there are other options too if you look around. Take a look at how easy they are to use, if they work well with your systems, what they cost, and the support they provide. Pick the superhero platform that suits your biz’s needs and budget.

Step 3: Designing and Training Your AI Agent

Now, it’s showtime! Once you’ve picked your platform, it’s time to design and train your AI agent. Take SeaChat as an example: we have many use cases to choose from: appointment booking, AI gatekeeper for screening calls, customer support, and even product recommender. The agent is very easy to customize on the platform. You can also pick from a range of voices and select a voice that fits your business identity. You can adjust the AI’s answer as needed using the review system.

Step 4: Integrating with a 24x7 Phone System

To take your customer service to legendary levels, you gotta hook up your AI voice agent with a 24x7 phone system. This way, customers can reach that amazing chatbot through phone calls, even when your biz is closed. You can buy a phone number directly on SeaChat at $2.15/month.

Closing Segment

Boost your phone call efficiency with a personalized voice AI agent.

Boost your phone call efficiency with a personalized voice AI agent.

By combining an AI voice agent with a 24x7 phone system, you’re unleashing the power of customer service wizardry for your biz. With the right platform, killer design, and ongoing tweaks, your AI agent can handle a ton of questions, leaving your humans to deal with the fun stuff. Embrace the magic of AI and voice technology to revolutionize your customer service and take your biz to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to create your incredible voice agent today!

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