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Contact Center Software

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Conversation Analytics

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Text and Voice Intelligence

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Contact Center Software:

  1. Alternative to Genesys, ZenDesk, Avaya, RingCentral, Dialpad
  2. Support multiple phone numbers in multiple countries/states
  3. Cloud-native, just need a browser
  4. Integrating all my chat channels into a single one

AI-powered Conversation Analytics:

  1. Transcribe, store, and analyze calls
  2. Draw insights and reports of meetings
  3. Produce actionable data
  4. Manage and evaluate my agents

Text and Voice Intelligence:

  1. Automate an existing call center
  2. Deploy a chatbot or voicebot
  3. Quality assurance of calls and agents
  4. Let cutting-edge AI help me operate
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Want to outsource your contact center?

Managed Contact Center

  1. Agents (hiring, training, paying)
  2. Software (call, chat, CRM, report)
  3. Sites (one or multiple, fail-safe & scalable)

24x7 Chatbot for your Business on Google Maps

  1. Enable chat button on Google Maps
  2. 24x7 chatbot support for your business
  3. Get more customer visits and reviews
  4. Respond to customers faster than your competition
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Record, transcribe, and speak in your Discord Voice Channels

SeaVoice Discord STT & TTS Engine

  1. Transcribe speech to text in voice channels
  2. Synthesize from text to speech
  3. Get your recordings & transcripts
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