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Natural, Personalized, and Actionable Conversations with Customers

The worlds’ #1 Conversation Experience Platform with Generative AI, and Speech Recognition better than Google’s.

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Unleash the power of Conversations


Communicate with confidence. handles the rest.

Your relationships are built on conversations. Do you know what’s going on?

Our mission is to help you capture, generate, and understand all text and voice conversations for your business.

Meaningful relationships start with

Built for

  1. Marketers
  2. Sales
  3. Customer service/support

Top use cases

  1. Marketing campaigns
  2. Instant messaging. 1:1 to groups
  3. Customer acquisition, service, and loyalty
  4. Micro contact center — talk to us if you need enterprise-level contact center SeaX


Built for

  1. Teams
  2. Sales
  3. Customer service/support

Top use cases

  1. Customer acquisition, service, and FAQs
  2. Company knowledge base
  3. Fully customizable AI agent for your organization’s need


Built for

  1. Teams
  2. Personal service
  3. Sales
  4. Companies of all sizes

Top use cases

  1. Meeting copilot
  2. Real-time meeting transcriptions\n(supports 10+ languages)
  3. Meeting analytics — summary, topics, emotions, and actions items


Natural conversations with your customers 1-on-1 or in Bulk

  1. Acquire customers with one-button click
  2. Boost retention and loyalty with accurate tracking
  3. Never miss an inbound text: real-time 2 way conversations
  4. Reach out to hundreds of thousands of customers in one go

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Personalized conversation with Generative AI and staff assistance

  1. Forge genuine connections through tailored AI interactions
  2. Seamlessly blend automated assistance with human touch
  3. Enhance customer satisfaction with dynamic, responsive conversations
  4. Empower staff with AI-backed insights for better service quality

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Actionable conversations with real-time transcription and emotions

  1. Capture valuable insights from real-time meeting recordings
  2. Transform voice interactions into searchable, shareable knowledge
  3. Leverage emotional cues for deeper understanding and rapport
  4. Drive decisions and collaboration with actionable takeaways

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